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TO A PLACE OF SAFETY AND TRANSFORMATION WHERE EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE I am Cindy Tawiah, your “Metamorphosis Mentor” My mission in life is to help women get into their most powerful place through releasing garbage which does not serve their highest good. I work through my intuition to help you allow those wings to come forth in grandior. The women I work with remain energetically awakened and enlightened far after our time together. I am also the author of Metamorphosis: Finding your Passion, Finding your Purpose, Finding U.   As a child, I always had a strong sense of intuition which has helped me today, help you to find your way out of the darkness of an emotional coccoon, and into the light of an amazing life. Letting go of those painful memories such as abuse, rape or abandonment requires so much inner work. Even the strongest women find it hard to let go when they have been victims of abuse. I want this website to be a sacred portal for you to come, feel at home and enjoy what you read.   thinpaperback_795x1003 (4)

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